My thoughts on The Last of Us Part II leaks

Recently, there were some major spoilers about The Last of Us Part II that leaked, which has caused major backlash from the fanbase. I have quite a few thoughts on this whole ordeal.

The Last of Us, in my opinion, is one of the greatest games ever created. Developer Naughty Dog was in top form when developing this masterpiece. Honestly, I never thought they’d be able to top it. However, seeing all the footage for The Last of Us Part II was making me think I might get proven wrong. Regardless of what anyone thinks about the game, they have to admit it looks gorgeous. Plus, if the sequel’s story is even somewhat as compelling or interesting as the first game, then it’s going to be something extremely special and memorable.

I was all in on The Last of Us Part II hype train and I have every reason to be. But, with the recent leaks of the game, particularly the story, I have to say I’m disappointed and, in many ways, very frustrated. This doesn’t mean I no longer want to play the game because that couldn’t be further from the truth. In fact, my excitement for the game hasn’t taken much of a hit either. The leaks were very unexpected though, as most are, and I simply wasn’t ready.

First of all, I haven’t gone into much detail about these leaks since I’m refraining from reading into them. I’m a firm believer in experiencing immersive stories (movies and games) for the first time without any preconceived notions since you don’t see anything coming and, ultimately, the payoff is much more satisfying. But, the one leak I did read was completely accidental thanks to social media, which doesn’t really hold back its thoughts on specific subjects, and honestly, I should’ve been more careful since The Last of Us Part II is a huge game many are (or were) excited about.

I’m sure most people know what the leak is already, at least the major one. So, I’ll discuss the one I know about. (spoilers ahead). Apparently, one of the new characters in the game, Abby, kills Joel and Ellie. That’s basically it, to be honest. That’s the only leak I accidentally stumbled across and it’s the only one I plan on reading. Now, I have read some other things that sort of give me more hope, such as Ellie surviving and Abby not committing to the kill. Again, I’m pretty ignorant when it comes to this, so most of it can be speculation from those who are commenting on it. Then again, it can also be more details from the leaks.

At first, after reading this massive reveal, I was devastated. As someone who was extremely emotionally invested with these characters in the first game, the idea of Joel dying like this hurts. I mean, I always felt there was a chance he would die in this game anyway, but I definitely did not want to find out the way I did. Throw in the fact that people are over-speculating about what transpires after and all the details, it just makes it even worse. If both Joel and Ellie are truly dead, do we play as someone else? I’ve heard Abby will also be playable, so that changes things up quite a bit. It’s all just a big mess, if you ask me, and I would’ve much preferred it to happen while I actually played the game.

Now, I’m not really sure what to expect anymore. The fact that these details were leaked is very disappointing and the reason why they may have leaked is even more-so, but that’s a topic for another day. The point is, what happens going forward? Many fans have already canceled their preorders because of the huge narrative risk Naughty Dog decided to take with this game. Are we overreacting? Well, there’s a chance.

Again, I didn’t read all the leaks, but maybe a lot of it has to do with the context. Yes, Joel is going to die in the game, but what are the decisions that lead up to this? Maybe it’s more interesting than most are making it out to be. I mean, we have to play the game first before we completely jump to conclusions. I understand the frustration from most fans because of the emotional connection to the characters. But, I think we need to trust Naughty Dog a bit more. This company is responsible for the creation of so many incredible video games throughout the years.

I, for one, still intend to play The Last of Us Part II. It doesn’t mean I’m not majorly let down by what has happened, but I’m willing to still put the time into the game and make my own decision on my thoughts of it. I can’t let leaks dictate what I think about it. I have to experience it in full for myself and play through the game to see everything that leads to that very moment.

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