Moving Out game review (2020)

Moving Out is a fun concept and overcoming the challenging gameplay can be rewarding. But, it’s very repetitive and can be very frustrating at times.

I’m pretty sure Moving Out is a game that wasn’t on anyone’s radar. But, what intrigued me the most about it is the concept behind it. After seeing some trailers and hearing the minor buzz prior to its launch, I was determined to, at the very least, try the game out for myself and gather some thoughts on it.

In reality, there’s not much to Moving Out. Essentially, it’s a game about, well, moving out. You play as numerous selectable characters who work for a moving company and all you do is travel from house to house on a map and move the belongings onto the truck. Of course, there are certain ways to play the game in order to make the process a bit easier and you’ll even be forced to move things a certain way in order to get them out of the house.

For example, the small items, such as speakers, cardboard boxes, and microwaves, can be carried around with ease since they don’t weigh much and you can run out to the truck and throw them on. However, the bigger items, such as beds and couches, are much heavier, which forces your character to move a bit slower. There are also certain couches that are awkwardly shaped, such as sectionals shaped in an L. So, you’ll need to angle them a certain way to fit it through the door.

Most importantly, if you’re someone who likes to keep records, you’ll have to do all of this in a timely manner in order to beat the time. For a gold medal, for example, you’ll have to move all 12 items out of the house in two minutes and 30 seconds. If you don’t do it in that time, then you move to the silver medal, which is four minutes. After that, it’s bronze, which is eight minutes. The times vary per house since some houses have more items than others. If you do beat the time it can be rewarding, so it’s an incentive to keep playing.

A cool thing is you can play with friends via local co-op. If you have a buddy to play with, I’m assuming it’ll be much easier and you can figure out easier and more efficient ways to get the items out of the houses and on to the truck. Not having online multiplayer is a huge missed opportunity, however. I don’t understand why some of these companies don’t implement a online multiplayer feature, especially for a game like this.

The game can be fun, at least for the first couple of houses, but after that, there’s really nothing else to look forward to, if I’m being honest. It’s the same thing over and over in every house, other than some different items to move out. It becomes repetitive and extremely familiar after awhile, which sort of makes the game grow a bit stale. Once all the records are met, there really isn’t a reason to keep playing anymore either.

Trying to beat these times can get very tedious because of all the annoyances in trying to get the items out in the first place. It’ll definitely test your patience, mostly in bad ways. The game mechanics mostly work, but if you’ve ever played games like LittleBigPlanet or Gang Beasts, then you can understand why it can become stressful after awhile. However, it can be good if you enjoy a decent challenge.

Moving Out is a unique concept I haven’t seen yet. It may work in some ways, but there isn’t enough substance here to come back for more after a few hours. Maybe if you can play with friends online, then you can have a bit more fun with it. I can’t see myself playing this game as a solo for very long.

Score: C-

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