My thoughts on Zack Snyder’s Justice League announcement

For those who tuned into Zack Snyder’s Man of Steel watch party stream, at the end of it, he announced the Snyder Cut of Justice League is coming to HBO Max in 2021. Here are my thoughts on this.

Most DCEU fans can now rejoice, considering their campaigning for Zack Snyder releasing his cut of Justice League is officially happening. Obviously, there’s plenty to be excited about since this could turn out to be an entirely different movie compared to what we actually received in the theatrical release. Well, at least that’s how most people will think. Do I happen to be one of them? In some ways, yes, but in many ways, no. I’m not completely sold on this cut just yet. But, let me explain myself.

First of all, I’m not buying the notion that this is an entirely different film that’s always been around and never saw the light of day because of studio interference or Joss Whedon stepping in to take over the directing job because of Snyder’s unfortunate and devastating situation at that time. The reason why I believe the Snyder cut took this long to be confirmed anyway is because I believe Snyder has been secretly creating an entirely different movie this whole time. Whether that’s with reshoots, rewrites to the script, or utilizing unused scenes, that’s yet to be determined. It could be all of these, honestly. But, I’m not sold on the claim this movie has existed this whole time.

This statement from Jeff Sneider on Twitter pretty much confirms it for me, honestly. I’m sure there are a lot of directors who wish they would get the chance to rework a movie that wasn’t exactly well-received by the fans. Of course, the demand for this was overwhelmingly high, but it isn’t always the best look in the overall scheme of things.

If you ask me, I think everyone involved saw the poor reception of Justice League, some critically and mostly commercially, and they all decided to give Snyder another chance to right this wrong and use the excuse that his cut of the movie was never released. If this was the case, again I reiterate, why has it taken this long? The extended cut of Batman v Superman: Dawn of Justice released along with the digital and physical release of the film. It’s much more believable the extended version of this movie was always around due to the fact Snyder was still at the helm as director and we’ve seen films fall short of their potential due to studio interference in the past.

But, the question here is whether or not Snyder’s cut will change anything at all? Personally, the extended cut of BvS didn’t make the film any better for me. Sure, there’s 30 extra minutes of footage and it does answer some questions, but the movie is still a sloppy mess with terrible pacing and writing. So, my hopes for this cut aren’t exactly high. I honestly would be a bit more interested if Joss Whedon was actually the one who was redoing the movie after seeing what he did with Marvel’s Avengers.

I could be wrong, of course. In fact, I hope I’m wrong. I never want a movie to fail. But, given the track record, I have no reason to be overly excited for this version of Justice League. Then again, there’s a small part of me that is since I think this will be something entirely new because it’s something they’ve been working on this whole time, not something that was around from the very beginning. Unfortunately, I think it’ll suffer from the same pacing issues and bad writing since, well, that’s what we’ve gotten so far. Of course, that’s just my opinion.

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