Without Remorse movie review (2021)

Michael B. Jordan’s latest action thriller is rarely interesting, laughably predictable, and overall underwhelming. There are some decent character moments from the lead and some exciting action, but they can’t save this otherwise boring effort.

I truthfully believe Michael B. Jordan is an incredibly gifted performer. He’s phenomenal in Fruitvale Station, both Creed films, Black Panther, and Just Mercy. The best part is, he’s only getting started in his relatively young acting career. However, even he isn’t prone to some stinkers from time to time. His latest action thriller, Without Remorse, does have some entertaining moments, but I found myself being uninterested with the whole story and, as a whole, it was a bit underwhelming in many aspects.

It’s a shame, considering this was adapted from Tom Clancy’s novel of the same name. Without Remorse follows John Kelly (Jordan), a highly skilled Navy SEAL who, after the murder of his pregnant wife, is seeking revenge against those involved. However, on this journey for justice, he discovers a plot that’ll lead to a war between Russia and the United States.

I have to give the film credit. It does start off pretty well, especially for fans of the war genre. You’re immediately engulfed in a world where this takes front and center and you think it’ll only improve from there on out. This is not to say that the movie doesn’t have any other military references and moments in it. But, it never quite lives up to the introduction and many of the plot points and details it establishes are never fully realized. To reiterate, just underwhelming and mostly disappointing.

As far as the action goes, there are some great scenes, but there are very few and some of the action sequences aren’t entirely believable. I mean, if they were somewhat more enjoyable to watch, then the realism wouldn’t really bother me. Then again, I found some of the action sequences to be subpar, at best. I’ve seen Jordan be involved in much better, but at the same time, it really isn’t his fault. He does his very best with the screenplay he’s been given, along with the direction he’s under. He’s the last thing I’ll complain about in this movie since he’s actually the best part in it. That isn’t surprising, though.

The thing is, as far as the characters go, you aren’t really invested with anyone else either. I mean, they do kill his pregnant wife at the beginning and you definitely feel some emotions for that. But, everyone else feels expendable and unimportant. No one really has that moment where they sell you on who they are and their motives in the movie, only Jordan. I guess Jamie Bell was okay at times, but even then, I feel he doesn’t have much to do in the movie either. His character arc is also very predictable.

Without Remorse also sets up future movies, specifically a Rainbow Six one. Honestly, I’d be down to watch a Rainbow Six movie. I love most of the games that have come out, so seeing that realized on the big screen is intriguing. After seeing this movie though, I’m not sure how interested I am anymore since this was such a bore to watch at times. I can’t imagine a Rainbow Six film being anything like this. At this point, I rather it not be made at all.

During some moments, Jordan does well, but again, it isn’t a surprise. It’s just not enough. Everything else about this movie is very uninspiring and lacks any kind of ambition. I enjoyed some of the action sequences and really thought it would pick up in certain scenes because of the potential that was there. Unfortunately, it never does, leaving you with a movie that doesn’t excel in almost any area and leaves you even less interested in potential sequels to follow.

Score: D

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